Holistic Pet Zymox Topical Spray HC 0.5% 2 fl oz

Holistic Pet Zymox Topical Spray HC 0.5% 2 fl oz

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Zymox topical spray is recommended for use on wounds and the most troublesome skin infections.  If your dog or cat has a skin condition, they more than likely scratch and cause swelling and inflammation. Zymox spray contains 0.5% hydrocortisone, which helps reduce and aleviate swelling and inflammation at the site. This spray with aloe vera can calm hot spots and reduce some of the itch and discomfort that makes your pet want to itch. Once the pet stops itching, the enzymes in the Zymox spray can kill the cause of the skin infection on your dog or cat and let their skin start to heal.

Use Zymox spray to treat bacterial, fungal, or yeast infections on your dog or cat.


Surface Infection:

  • Pyotraumatic dermatitis hot spots, wet eczema, acute moist pyoderma
  • Body fold pyoderma

Superficial Infections:

  • Impetigo
  • Superficial and generalized pyoderma
  • Staphyococcus ssp (including MRSA) Pseudomonas ssp.

Superficial Mycoses:

  • Microsporum, Trichopyton, Epidermophyton (ringworm)


  • Malassezia pachydermatis, Candida albicans