Wholistic Pet Organics Digest-All 8 oz


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Wholistic Digest-All Plus™ is the same enzyme formula as Wholistic Digest-All™, but with the added benefits of prebiotics and probiotics for maximum digestive support! In addition to actively digesting all the ingredients in your pet’s daily food, Wholistic Digest-All Plus™ contains a very concentrated and potent blend of probiotics known as “friendly bacteria” that supports a healthy balance of normal gut flora. Wholistic Digest-All Plus™ is a pure blend of active non-genetically engineered enzymes with concentrated probiotics that will help your pet unlock the valuable nutrients in food and have an optimally functioning, very healthy digestive system.

Enzymes are inherent to all life processes and are integral to the proper functioning of all body systems. Your pet could actually be missing out on the nutrients from the food he eats! Without important enzymes that would normally be replenished by eating wild prey, your pet may be unable to properly digest food. By re-introducing enzymes and "friendly" bacteria (probiotics) into the diet, your pet can unlock the valuable nutrients in food and have an optimally functioning, very healthy digestive system.

When foods are not digested properly, the nutrients that your pet would ordinarily obtain from food may not be available. Eventually the immune system can ultimately be affected. Not surprisingly, glands and major organs suffer most from enzyme deficiency.

Digest-All Plus is free of Soy, Wheat, Yeast, Corn, Cheese and other Dairy products

Active Ingredients

Active ingredients per 1/4 teaspoon = 1 gram

Ingredient Amount
12,100 msg amino acid liberated/min/g
52.5g starch dextrinized/min/g
0.60 mg glucose liberated/min/g
11 mg hemicellulose reduced/min/g
130 moles of fatty acid liberated/min/g
36.66 msg amino acid liberated/min/g
375 msg amino acid liberated/min/g
5 billion CFU/g
5 billion CFU/g
30 mg


Feeding Instructions

  • 1 cup of food...............................1/4 teaspoon

Mix in your pets regular meal. Daily amount may be divided amongst meals. Amount can be adjusted according to individual dogs needs.

1 scoop = 1/4 teaspoon = 1g