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it doesn't matter what I like it's what my dog loves! and I like it just fine the employees are very helpful and it's not a bad drive from Pompano Beach at all and Barkley loves the turkey sardine raw but Frozen dog food



Thank you Holistic Pet Cuisine! Our very sick Boxer, Jake suffers from IBD as a result of the surgery performed to remove cancer from his stomach and esophagus. He was prescribed Hills dog food which he had a difficult time keeping down. Thanks to Barbara and her staff for recommending a raw diet by Primal. Jake has been on the pork patties for over 4 months and he has never vomited and his stool is firm. If you have a dog or cat with digestive issues RUSH over to Holistic Pet Cuisine (in Boca Raton, off Clint Moo`re Dr.) and speak to Barbara or her very knowledgeable and friendly staff.
SO happy I discovered this shop PLUS its close to work as an added bonus. The gals in this shop are so happy and friendly. The variety of healthy choices for your pets are fantastic, covering puppies to adulthood. I don't shop at the franchise pet shops. I want to know that I have healthy choices for my dog. Frozen raw...meal toppers and choices for my dog. The treats surpass any franchise shop you go to. I like to make my own but I don't have time these days. Try the chicken K9crisps! Just like potato chips and your dog's will love them.Because of this shop my dog has become a snob and a foodie.You rock it. Susan C

Congrats! You got a 5-star review
"Friendly knowledgeable staff. Ample variety of holistic and other pet products."
Reviewed by
Michael Beresh
3 weeks ago
If you have dogs or cats and love them, this should be your pet store. The best pet store in South Florida.
My dog is so happy with everything I buy there!! Great selection and great people to help you choose whatever is good for your dog!!! Always love seeing the new items too!! Your new chicken chips are great too!! 🐾🐾🐩⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
2 weeks ago
Thank you Michael!🐾🐾
Thank You Barbara for all your Support today!! 🐶❤️ Kathy and Obie
Thank You Barbara for all your Support today!! 🐶❤️ Kathy and Obie


P-up-date: Kalie is feeling much better today 😊 She no longer has diarrhea, but the color of her stool is still between a shade of bright yellow and light brown, which is a bit concerning 😟 The vet called this morning with the result of her cortisol test, which were within normal range. Thank goodness 🙏🏽 We have a follow-up appointment with an Internal Medicine vet next week 👩‍⚕️ The ER vet wanted to put her on a wet-food diet and I refused 🙅🏻‍♀️ I prefer to have her on a raw or even cooked “human food.” I have been doing research and chatting with other dog-moms for tips and ideas on what to feed her (thank you Nikki Frew for all your suggestions) ❤️😌 I also reached out to Ketopet for a diet modification, since she was already on their diet plan (because she also has cancer). Today, I took Kalie to be seen our friend Skylar Ratner’s mom at HOLISTIC PET CUISINE and we got a some raw food, powdered greens w/probiotics. She likes the new food, so that’s a good thing!

Thank you for all the well-wishes! Hopefully this liver issue can be resolved with a simple diet change and of course exercise. I have also been looking into heartworm/tick/flea medications being the cause for elevated liver enzymes and may be taking her off those as well. Anyone with experience or knowledge on this topic please feel free to reach out! ❤️ 2017






We are over the top with excitement for our many dogs that have achieved complete success with Holistic Pet Greens.
Thank you for your welcoming email.
We are so happy we found Holistic Pet Cuisine where we received helpful suggestions on what foods might entice our Standard Poodle to eat (without side effects). Now Daisy looks forward to mealtime & finishes every meal with unfettered enthusiasm. Success!! Finally, after 6+ years!
I will try to send you a photo of our girl as your email requested.
Many, many thanks to HPC & Staff!!
I am writing to let everyone know what an incredible product holistic pet cuisine Greens are! My little 7 pound Chihuahua had an infected ulcer in her eye filled with bacteria. She was on five different antibiotics and drops at the same time. The vets at Penn Hospital were concerned whether or not she has a sensitive stomach because everything might give her loose stools, then some of the medications would have to be discontinued. I was worried as well because she has an extremely sensitive stomach. I called Barbara at holistic pet cuisine to ask her what she recommends and she recommended her product Greens I started giving it to Isabella twice a day Its been two weeks and she has been able to continue all her medicines and not one incident of loose stools. This product really has helped her stomach and the medications have helped her heal I'm going to continue using Greens forever! I can't thank Barbara enough!
Leslie Levin  , Boca Raton
Here are a few pictures of my babies. The gray cat "Roxy" is my diabetic cat. She is doing great on the new food. And the coats on all my 8 cats are slinky smooth. So glad I found you, you have been a blessing to us!

Thanks for everything!

Cathy     Boca Raton

One healthy pup! We post these testimonials not for the compliments...we post them so that the many pet lovers out there know that there are other methods other than always medicine to help
an animal live a healthy and well deserved life.
We are not in anyway stating that medicine should not be part of the protocol we just want everyone to know that 
Nutrition is the key to good health!

While searching the Web to find help for our 12 year old persian (Cari), who is suffering from Feline IBD, I was fortunate to come across Holistic Pet Cuisine and called them. I had become desperate as we had taken Cari to five different Vets during the past year and spent a fortune to watch our baby continue to get sicker, with no sign of relief. We felt helpless as her health was going downhill and we knew we were loosing her. The horrible side effects of the large amount of steroids were making her miserable!
The problem with feline IBD is there is no cure and the only option you have is to control the symptoms. This is where we got lucky and came across Barbara and Cathy at Holistic Pet cuisine. They really cared and took the time to explain what was going on with our baby. We had been giving her dry food which is an absolute No No! They put her on a diet of wonderful, organic food and taught us to feed her in small amounts during the day so that her little body had a chance to digest what we were giving her. We added a few supplements they suggested, along with a small dose of Budesonide daily, and we are heading in the right direction.
Our hope is to eventually get her off the Budesonide, while controlling her symptoms completely through her diet. She is the matriarch of our 3 cat family, which are all now enjoying Holistic Pet Cuisine.
Thank you so much for your help and concern!!!
Joan B

Thank you Joan for letting us know that your cat's are doing much better at this time.
At Holistic Pet Cuisine we continue to search ay for the right products that will help your furry family members feel better and live a healthy life.


     "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food "



Thank you for all of your help. I cannot explain how happy it makes me to know that Chloe is finally getting the best nutrition she can and she even loves it. After 4 years I didn't think that I would find her food that we are both happy with so I am very grateful for your help to do so...

Brittany M




This beauty came to Holistic Pet Cuisine with a 
yeasty and smelly body. 
He lived his life this way. After two months of a healthy diet we are as pleased as his parents that he is doing amazing. 
There is no reason if a dog is on a healthy diet that he should have any yeasty smell. 
Akira is one happy doggy!!!


I have to thank Barbra for all her help in recommending Primal for my two Maltese's. When I came to the store one of my dogs had problems with her digestion and her liver, After being on this food per my amazed Vet the dog is totally 
Cured of her problems. The Vet is also suggesting to take her off of her medicine. My Vet believes the success is due to her holistic diet.


A huge thank you to Holistic Pet Cuisine:
Hi Barbara,
I wanted to thank you for time and caring advice. I made it home with all my new kitty goodies. I felt so good about everything that I can not wait till dinner time.
Changed the litter and I just took out some of the Raw Frozen Turkey and Rabbit to defrost in the fridge. Bodhi came running and jumped on the counter and was smelling the bags very interested!
Bacci was coming in to the kitchen as I was putting them bag in the freezer.
I am going to send you some before pics of the babies with their eye stains and I will update them in a few weeks.
Lots of xoxoxoxoxo,
Raina Kranz

Howard & Barbara

As you know I have a 10 year old American pit bull terrier "little" that has been plagued with skin allergies. My wife and I have spent a large amount of money on visits to the Vet, pills, allergy testing and allergy shots. We realized through the testing that Little was allergic to many common food ingredients while also suffering from many environmental allergies. After roughly three years of up and down results with medications, we were still fighting dry skin, poor looking coat, itching, hair loss etc...

Four weeks ago we decided that we were no longer going to give Little the medications due to cost and also because they simply were not working. At that time you recommended a change to his diet, supplementing with fish oils and also incorporating some RAW.

I am pleased to tell you that within 3 days I could see a difference. One month has passed and Little has never looked better! The dry skin is gone. His coat is silky smooth with a beautiful shine and his hair has completely filled in!


We are feeding the Great life- fish oil/day and supplementing Primal canine RAW formula .

Thank you for all of your help! Dan Elchert

Thank you so much for your help with food, Seamus is doing great!
J Maloney
Boca Raton, FLorida
THANK YOU so much to HOLISTIC PET CUISINE for donating special grain free food to our partner Kibblez of Love. This was a huge help in their time of need and this food is especially helpful to those who have pets with allergies. We love Holistic PET Cuisine in Boca Raton!l
A Huge shout out to Barbara Ratner at Holistic Pet Cuisine. Gracie is now 7 months free of crystals, UTIs and does not leak. No meds just supplements & good food! After my 3rd urinalysis Dr. Dooley personally called me & told me to stop wasting my money :) If you really care about your dog & what you feed them read up on thier unregulated food at www.DogFoodAdvisor.com go on check it!
Melissa McCann Antenucci : There are so many options before perscription food with grains/fillers and life long medications. We must be our pets advocates, we owe them that much for the life time of love and joy they give us

    • Thank you for your help with my cat who has dry skin and is overweight. Attached is a picture of my sweetie, Darby. He is a big hunk of love and I appreciate the care and attention you show toward animals.

    •  He has been on the new food for about five days now and I will let you know how he is doing in a couple of weeks.


      Be well

      Debra Juliano,

Boots is now 5 years with me. Right from the start, his BM has been watery and extremely smelly. Attimes he hadsome droppings on the floor. I had his stool checked by different Vet clinics, with no results. One Vet diagnosed him with irritable bowel syndrome, another with colitis. We had him on IAMS Veterinary Formula Intestinal low Residue with no success. For months I added Plataeris drops to a little soft food. No improvement.

When the Iams was discontinued, we went back with Hills I/D.

Lately he had more than the usual drops of blood in his stool and he soiled daily outside the litter box.It got worse and he lost 1/2 pound since September..

The Vet redid the blood tests and re-examined the fecal. None of it, showed anything out of the ordinary. Boots was put on on Metronidazole 100mg. and Hills Feline Z/D. All hell broke loose. He not only soiled in the laundry room, but all over. I dont minded the cleaning, but he obviously was in much discomfort. . I talked to a friend of mine. She recommended your store! I went to your store in a flash and there you were, giving me HOPE! I came home with the new canned food.

Within 24 hours, no more leaking stool, and no more vomit. He is back to his old self. If that is not a miracle, I don't know what is. What a relief this is for the entire household.

 Thank you so very much, Brigitte, Blue and Boots 

Delray Beach

February 2011

Hi Barbara,I just wanted to thank you for spending so much time with me yesterday. I have a really good feeling about Amicos new food and supplements. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I will call you in a couple of days to let you know how Amico is doing.

Thanks again for your help.

Marcy and Amico

Good morning. I just wanted to take this time to tell you how much I enjoyed your store. There was so much to choose from. I've told all my pet-loving friends about you and your services. I'm sure they've been online checking things out. I already have to come in soon as I gave the Petzlife toothpaste to my friend for her dog (I still had some left in my container for the boys) so I'll probably come in this weekend again. I look forward to seeing you.
Boca Raton

My dog amby loves the new food. Fluffakins likes it too. She ate the wet good but still is partial to the dry. I will definitely continue with the new food. Thanks for everything. God bless,
Coral Springs
I am so thankful that my pet sitter, Mary, told me about your store. My 5 cats are so important to me, and you have helped me tremendously with one of my cats, Bobby, and his bowel issue. He looks so much healthier and is more active, thanks to the fish food you suggested and eliminating other proteins from his diet. His loose stools are slowly disappearing and have become more normal. My other cats are doing well and eating healthy grain free food which you recommended. Your store contains so much food variety forboth cats and dogs, and I must say the best cat litter around. I can't imagine why any pet owner would not want to visit. You have always answered any questions I have, and continue to do so on a weekly basis. Once again, I can't thank you (and Howard) enough for the health/wellness of my animals. See you soon.
Eva Cappiello
Boynton Beach, Florida

Thank you so much for taking the time to show me around the store today and for informing me about the various products you carry. I was so pleased to find you and the service I received exceeded any expectations I might have had. I'm including a picture of Storm for your website.

Again, thank you very much, I'll be back for sure!

North Palm Beach, Florida

This is a story about a year and a half baby girl named Sarite a long haired shepherd. She had stopped eating many times and was loosing weight major diarrheaand vomiting blood. She was diagnosed with Addison's disease , bleeding ulcers, and IBD (irritable bowl disease) after spending thousands of dollars at the vet, once again finding the right food was avery hard task. After meeting with Barbara and Howard after hours of talking and analyzing Sarite's eating. We were toldby the vet that it would take 6 months to a year before Sarite wouldever have normal bowls as well numerous meds and needles were happening at the time.
After Barbara asked us to trust her we did and put Sarite on a raw diet. Well, a miracle has happened within 24 hours her stools were normal, she actually slept through the night peacefully not going from oneplace to another in tummy pain. Sarite has gained weight and now looks forward to eating, and the best news is she isoff all her meds,needles and her fur is gorgeous!
Not only was she limping, Barbara suggested adding a joint supplement and the limping is gone and she is such a happy and healthy baby girl. So the moral of the story is put trust in Barbara and Howardwho only want the best for your pets and for us ownerswho care and love our animals. Thanks again to Holistic Pet Cuisine, Barbara, Howard and staff. The vet is very happy!


N and B Levine

Boca Raton, Fla

December, 2010


Maggie, nine and a half (left) and Lexi, seven, next month (right) demanded that I tell you how happy they are now and how great they feel after being on their new, raw diets that you recommended. In two weeks, Lexi will have her first ever itch free birthday!

Born and raised in Arizona until we moved here in July, they are half-sisters from the same blue-ribbon winning dad but different blue-ribbon winning moms. Dad was truly a stud, they tell us! Lexi has always had severe allergies. Her skin was continuously developing little welts and she was forever scratching and licking herself and just plain miserable. We tired everything short of the expensive allergy tests, to figure out what was wrong. The dermatologist vet thought it was the desert grass and trees and the move here might help her. It did not.


For the last year we have been making their food from the human food we eat, thinking that might help. It did not but it tasted pretty good! After a month on raw formulas Lexi is welt, rash and itch free! She is full of life and one, really happy and calm girl. Maggie too is a new girl. She has lost almost a whole pound, is so full of energy and has become puppy-like all over again. They both love you and thank you so much.

Roz and I too want to sincerely say thank-you for all your patience and diligence with Lexi, our very picky eater and Maggie, who eats anything and everything! We know they are healthy and happy, their weight is right and they will probably live longer, pain free lives because of your work. (Maybe I should try this stuff!)


Rosalynn & Walt Gorski, November 2010

Boynton Beach, Florida
Picture below
Hi !, as promised I am sending you the picture of Fionna, she is an Italian Grey Hound, 8 years old. We have been buying her food at Holistic Pet Cuisine for quite a while now and are extremely happy that she eats so well and licks the bottom of her plate every day. Thank you for providing such an excellent service.
Gerry and Cristina
Coral Springs ,Florida
Dear Barb, Pure JOY spending time with you today !! Thank you for you knowledge and sincere concern for Missy's "issues" :) Came home and gave them their chicken treats and you would have thought I had brought them home a live CHICKEN!! hahahhahha.
I am so excited to start them on their RAW food tomorrow and I promise that I will remember to take it out before bed!!
You are an awesome lady!
I thank you ( & Howard) for caring for our "special creatures" and helping me make their life healthier!!!
Warmly, Suzanne
Boca Raton


I am absolutely thrilled and astonished on the turn around for Rocky in such a short time period. I rescued/adopted my Maltese, now 16 years old, Rocky 5 years ago. He came to me with a chronic ear wax build up which I am certain has lead to his deafness. Along with the constant ear issues he also chewed his feet on and off until the fur was gone. After only a few short weeks of the pet foods Barbara

recommended his ears COMPLETELY cleared and he stopped chewing his feet. It has been a little over 3 months and he is doing great. He is actually putting on a little weight (maybe not the best thing, but I know he is loving life). My daughter commented on how I've brought him back to life! Thank you Barbara for helping me to make his "twilight" years so wonderful.

 Wendy--Delray Beach, Florida

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help that you have given me so far. I really do appreciate it.
Mary Ann
Coral Springs, Florida


I ran out of dog food today, after picking some upI realized I never shared where I go for all my pets needs. So heres my little story.

Other than Family and a few select close friends, thereis nothing more precious in my life than my dogs! 2 little Very Boca pocket dogs who I absolutely treat as my only children.

I try to take good care of myself, eating organic and healthy,so why wouldnt I do the same for my dogs? Well I do.My precious pooches only eat OrganicDog foods and treatsfrom HolisticPetCuisine.

I had the pleasure of meeting Barbara and Howard, owners ofHolistic Pet, just over 3 yearsago. This was a very difficult time when my onelittle girl was having horrific stomach problems (no gory details). I tookher to the vet and had her on so many medications, but nothing seemed to be getting better. So through my own research and a blessing I found Holistic PetCuisine. Through a question and answerwith Barbara we tried putting my little girl on a raw diet. After a few tweaks in types of meats and amount, Barbara discovered thatmy little one had an allergy to poultry! Crazy I know, but this isnt something that the vets were able to detect or really even tried to determine (they just wanted to push medicine).

So now both my girls are on a raw diet of organic venison and are both healthier than every!

Any ailments that they havehad since, from teary eyes, to a random itch, Barbara and Howard were there to help and provide a cure.

Holistic Pet Cuisine, thank you for taking care of my babies!!


Coral Springs , Fla

Thank you so much Holistic Pet Cuisine for you time and patience and expertise knowledge in giving me the tools (in food) to heal my cats IBS. I wish I would have known that food was the main issue after all the tests that I put her through.Your food has made her into a different cat in just several weeks.
Lisa W
Parkland, FL
I have been to every store around for some nutritional information to help my dog. They informed me of what I needed to know but never helped me with the main issue of my dogs allergies. Thank you Holistic Pet Cuisine for coming into my life and changing it. Your knowledge is far superior than anything else I was fed up until now.
Patricia L
Boca Raton,Fl
I just returned from Holistic Pet Cuisine and I can not believe how helpful, knowledgeable and honest they were to me and my husband. They assisted me with all my doggie needs. Thank you again. We will be back and will tell our friends.
Lucy and Jim
Parkland, FL
 " Fusilli "
I cannot thank you enough for helping Fusilli feel \"human\" again. Your knowledge and caring are beyond any vet I have ever dealt with. When Fusilli was diagnosed with lymphoma and had severe issues, your guidance has kept him alive all this time and, he is enjoying life to the fullest. You would never know he was sick!

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for him. I have been to four different vets and they have no clue!!!!

Thanks again.


Debbie Cottone
Boca Raton, Florida
All I can say is thank you, thank you you may have saved my sanity! Meal time has been unbelievably stressful around here; I was actually hand feeding them, just to get them to eat something. The Stella and Chewy's has saved my life.
Again, thanks so much for all the help you have give me with the girls. Since I have been working with you they have never been happier or healthier.
Ellyn F
Boca Raton, Fla

We are very pleased with our experiences at Holistic Pet Cuisine. Our dog, Domino, had developed a rash that turned out to be an auto-immune disorder. Thanks to Barbara, we were able to rule out food allergies by placing him on a raw venison diet, which we could only find at HPC.

Today, our dog is taking medication but is still on an organic dog food diet. He is getting stronger every day with the wholesome, natural food that we can trust. As a matter of fact, all of our dogs are enjoying better quality food. Barabara and Howard are both knowledgeable and compassionate about nutrition for pets. We are so fortunate to have found them.

Maria and Todd Botwin,
Lake Worth
Hello Barbara and Howard!

Wow! What an amazing service you provide for pet owners. When we came home, Ringo played with his ball for the first time ever! He is already showing more interest in everything and he just ate his first patty!!! Hooray!!!!
Kody, Kacey, Kiley, Smokey & K-9 Sabre LOVE Holistic Pet Cuisine !!! Great food, great toys, GREAT Barbara and Howard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert B
Palm Beach, Fl



Great dog-yes-thank you Barbara-I was one sick dog-without warning while sound asleep I would just vomit -I was so depressed and embarrassed. I went from 18 lbs(I was a little chubby) down to 10.5 lbs in 5 months-not so great. that was getting scary. I think you saved us. I am now a nice 13 lbs and I am keeping my girlish figure. I am no longer a burden , very happy and I adore meal times. I eat with a ferocious appetite, and the raw food is awesome. I do not belch -I do not pass wind (and you know us boston terriers have that problem) my coat shines and I am a miracle. I wish more folks would learn fast-it really is the way to go -raw food is simple-flying basset sure is terrific too , but most of all you knowledge of all the ingredients-your stick-tu-it-tiveness-never giving up-thinking of combos that finally gave me back my life-I am prescription free -clean and natural-WOW-you are amazing with your goodies. I hope more folks learn to push true their problems-not give up and keep trying new things until they get it right. thank you-thank you Barbara-your dedication is truly appreciated-bravo and woof-woof-

your daisy and darcy

Ft. Lauderdale, FL



Until I found Holistic Pet Cuisine my cat was loosing his hair and would throw up daily. They worked on eliminating various things my cat was allergic to and now his hair is growing back and he is a healthy cat. Up until now my allergist would only give me shots and all kinds of medicine ...thank you again

David S.

Wellington, Fla


My dogs would have daily yeast in between their paws but until I found Holistic Pet Cuisine and changed their diet did this problem go away.They are truly amazing and saved my dogs life. I will drive miles just to have them in my life

Michelle A.

Parkland, Fla


Holistic Pet Cuisine came to the plate. I was out of food and not able to get to their market and they took my order and delivered it immediately so that my animals would not go hungry.They are always there for me and my pets! Thank you again.

Leslie H.

Coconut Creek,Fl


I am so happy to have... you guys in my life! My 16 yr old cats are thriving on
food so healthy for them !! Barbara always answers my questions carefuly with knowledge and professionalism.

Lois W,

Boynton Beach, Fla




I am amazed at how wonderful my beautiful cat is doing on the food that Holistic Pet Cuisine recommended for my colitis cat. I was told by my veterinarian that she had colitis and after changing her food she was 100 % better and not throwing up any longer. Thank you again!


Susan K.

Boynton Beach, Fla


Dear Barbara,


Thank you Barbara for spendingso muchtime with us today. I am excited to startBuster on his new food and he already likes the treats and chews. We look forward to returning in about a month for the big weigh in. I attached a photo.
Thanks again and see you soon,

Buster & Trish
West Palm Beach, Florida


I came all the way from Ft. Lauderdale after my friends told me how Holistic Pet Cuisine has helped my dog. They were wonderful. They covered more than my veterinarian did and opened my eyes up to all possibilities with my dog.


Thank you !

Cindy W

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida