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I have to thank Barbra for all her help in recommending Primal for my two Maltese's. When I came to the store one of my dogs had problems with her digestion and her liver. After beinf on this food per my amazed Vet the dog is totally cured of her problems. The Bet is alo suggesting to take her off her medicine. My vet believes the success is due to her holsitic diet. I highly recommend Barbra and her staffand highly recommend a holistic diet for pets. 



Everyone is doing great. Thanks for asking! My dog Roxy continues to do really well too and honestly I have you to thank. She just turned 12 in May but looks and acts like a puppy. Unbelievable that she was so sick two years ago.

I'll give you a call on Monday!




This is Layla. Layla came to us about 8 months ago with terrible digestive issues. Her mom took her for every necessary test and she could find nothing wrong with her Layla other than IBD which was evident with her obvious "daily" loose poops! Layla was transformed into another dog with the help and the hand holding of HPC!Layla was transformed into another dog with the help and the hand holding of HPC!Her transformation is completely a Primal Pet Foodsraw diet success!"Through the use of 100% digestible food products, Primal Formulas offer the nutrients essential to life in a superior, bio-available composition. Through better digestion and superior assimilation of food derived nutrients, your pets will live happier, healthier and more vibrant lives." Primal Pet Foods.So many animals are on the wrong foods and in many cases all it takes is a switch up to the "correct raw diet" not just any incomplete raw diet!

Pollyanna , Pompano


Thank you so much again. God bless you for your help! 


Hi Barbara,

Thank you for taking so much time to help us with selecting the best food for Mack and Baxter.  Attached is their picture. 

Testimonial as follows:
"Our two doggies are part of the family, and we want to ensure we're feeding them the best possible diet.  Barbara and her team are so knowledgeable, and took the time to explain in detail which options were best for our boys.  The team at Holistic Pet Cuisine provide a very personal service, and really show they care about the nutrition of our doggies.  We had previously purchased our food from a large chain which didn't offer much in the way of healthy options, was very impersonal, and lacked knowledge on the best diet for our boys.  It's also amazing that Holistic Pet Cuisine deliver for a very nominal fee. Thanks for a great store!  We're very happy we found you.

Best, Natalie & Howie (and Mack & Baxter) 


Thanks Barbara it was a pleasure shopping at your store and I look forward to continuing. I will be picking up my maltipoo this Friday her name will be Stassi. I will send you a picture as soon as I get her. 


Hi Barbara

I had to let you know that Rascal is now in doggie heaven. I wanted to say thank you so much for all the help you have given us in the past 10 years. I really feel if it wasn't for u he would of never lived as long as he did. U r absolutely amazing and your advice was always on target.

I am very sad but I wouldn't to let u know

Thank u for everything
Mary Ann


Thank you for all my goodies. Mommy & me LOVE your store! You have the BEST of everything! Benny Bagoo

The people there are amazing! Kind and professional and knowledgeable. This is their passion. They have helped me tremendously with my dogs health issues numerous times! Randy S, Boca Raton

thank you so much for your expertise and spending the time with Bari and I the other day I really appreciate it.... well they held out for a little while but finally I got the baby girl and the Gish to eat the freeze-dried nuggets they are still unwilling to eat the wet food....
I am breaking up the freeze dried nuggets and wetting them so they get a little moisture with the food and they seem to be eating it damp....
it's only been day one so I feel like I'm making some progress I'll keep trying to put a little bit of wet food like maybe a spoonful each time in with the nuggets and hopefully slowly by little they will start eating the wet food...
Baby girl ate the calming treat right away no problem with that thank God....
thanks for all your help..
if you have any more suggestions please email me back I welcome your opinions and knowledge..
Thank again
Lisa , Lake Worth
Skylar is my Cocker Spaniel year old puppy and Sadie my six year old Maltese. Sampson, my good old boy is a 12.5 year old male Cocker...
They are loving the new kibble and treats!
Dr. Catherine Bishop Temple

I visited Holistic Pet Cuisine for the first time yesterday and I was extremely impressed with the wonderful knowledgeable staff.  They helped me with all my pet issues. I never knew there were so many wonderful products available!
I will be back. Barbara Sandler

Thank u for ur help yesterday. 

I cannot thank you more for helping me out 
last week. Kathy was a wealth of knowledge!
She assisted me in choosing a food for my dog
 Kali and she is thriving on it and loving it!
! I will be back soon to pick up more.

Best regards and Happy Holidays!!
Jennifer Morse
Delray Beach, FL


HI Barbara,was pleasure meeting you.Thank you for all advices.I haven't noticed any difference yet.He likes his new food.The only thing I noticed tonight is that his stomach is little louder then before.
  I'm looking forward coming back to your store.
  Thank you again. 
  Best regards, Olivera.

U guys are the best!!

Barbara-it was great meeting with you today. I really feel great about getting Rafi on the road to a really healthy life.


Mark and I decided not to bother returning the cans of food and the snacks that you do not recommend-we are going to donate them to the animal shelter.  


Please let Kathy know my boxer loves the food (stella chewy venision) and the goats milk it all seems to really agree with her...her condition is really improving.
I just wanted say a special thank  you to Kathy. She took the time with me to hear what was going on with my pet and made recommendations fto help  me undertand the different options for feeding her to help boost her immune system.
Meeting with her was a breath of fresh air in a world where many are too busy to take time for Questions and answers.
Many thanks
and warm regards


My 14 y.o. cat had terrible constipation for about 8 mos.  He would go to the litter box several times every hour and strain and almost nothing would come out.  He was experiencing continuous discomfort and would cry out throughout the day.  I was not sure if the crying was due to discomfort or due to the fact that he had recently become deaf.  The vet tried putting him on antibiotics for several weeks to help the constipation but it did not work.  At the time he was eating I/D wet food and W/D dry prescription food.  Since it was not getting better I contacted a different vet and she said he should go on a novel protein diet and recommended Natural Balance.  The vet also came to my home to clean out his anal sacks and said they were "huge".  I was later told that this was probably a result of the ID and WD food he was eating which contains harmful ingredients.  After expressing his anal sacks the stool was able to come out a little more and the straining declined somewhat for a brief period.  I was told to give him a small amount of Metamucil in his food and was doing that along with a steady diet of Natural Balance turkey and peas for several months.  Soon the constipation changed to diarrhea.  After another month or so the diarrhea became completely liquefied and would end up on the walls of his litter box, the walls of the room and there would be random droplets throughout the house.  This went on for about another 3 mos.  Finally I told the vet it is just not working and my cat needs more serious help.  We then tried an antibiotic again which did not work and the vet  then suggested that we schedule an ultra sound.  I was told the problem could be something much more complex such as lymphoma and was most likely not food related.  
It was at that point I started doing some serious research on the internet and found some testimonials about how food could potentially cause the symptoms that I was experiencing with my cat.  I then contacted Holistic Pet Cuisine and they told me how the ingredients in  I/D, W/D diets could be causing some of the issues due to an allergy and the build up in his anal sacks in the first place. They made several recommendations.   I was told that because his gut was swollen and inflamed he required a food that would not require his digestive system to work so hard to process.  The whole premise of that made complete sense.
After putting my cat on a diet strictly of rabbit meat and freeze dried turkey within 2-3 days my cat's stools became hard again and normal.  Now he no longer strains and is visibly happier and content.    He no longer cries out during the day.   I am thrilled beyond my wildest prayers to know that my cat is now healthy and happy and "regular"! 
Paulie has been on this diet for about a month now and his stools remain completely healthy.  I just wanted to share with the community of animal lovers out there what traditional veterinary medicine might not consider as a viable cure for IBS and intestinal problems.  Please spread the word so others can avoid going through what Paulie and I and so many others had to go through to finally find a viable (and holistic) solution. 
Joanne Missry
Oakland Park, FL
Thank you so much again. God bless you for your help! 
Hi, Barb;
It was an absolute pleasure meeting u yesterday and I feel like my babies are now going to be safe. PHyliss S, Boca Raton
Hi Barbara The kitty is doing much better. I am giving less venison with 
each feeding with the hopes of getting a normal poop from him. However, no more vomiting and no
more diarrhea. I will be needing to purchase more frozen rabbit as he is eating more and more of it.
 My Mom will come to your store either today or tomorrow at the latest. Please hold 2 bags for me if
 possible. One Stella and Chewy's and one Primal so he learns to eat both in case you are
 out of one kind. I cannot thank you enough for your help. Donna
Very helpful, informative and sweet.. A great staff, and great store that only carries the best of the best for your dog/cat.. My pup is happy and full of energy! Thank you Barbara!! JAKE

Hi Barbara
Thank you so much for you email, I am soooo thankful for your advice and guidance on resolving allergy issues for my yorkie,Lucy and UT issues for my 2 year old ginger, Chester. I am forever a customer.
Oakland Park, Florida

I was in yesterday to look into my dogs allergies and see if I could find a better diet. You recommended Stella and Chewy's turkey frozen turkey food. Pretzel loved it and his poop this morning was champion!]
If this continues, I'll spend less time cooking a complete meal each evening (salmon, sweet potatoes and broccoli) and will have more time for myself and less food wate. J 
I'll let you know if Pretzels allergies improve.
Boynton Beach, Florida
Hi Barbara!

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent treatment and help you offered us yesterday! Emma loved the Primal! Please find attached photo of Emma and look forward to our next visit!

 Barbara Zeeman

Delray Beach





Food appears to have reduced scratching and chewing as well as head shaking.
Please send another bag of the venison food - I need to have a back up bag for my peace of mind!! Carol, Naples


 Dear Aunti Babara,



From Mr Mann:

Today  I had a long skinny poop, as opposed to the painful rock hard golf ball sized poops I usually have and MOMMY says I have YOU to thank for it! THANK YOU! I took a photo to memorialize the occasion it is attached. 


Jody H

Boca Raton, Florida


Here is a recent Picture of Molly! Here is one of Shayne!Thanks for the time today! You were right she gobbled up her dinner.




Thank you for taking the time to try to educate me……

I will let you know how things go with Hartley.



We just wanted to thank you for all the years of support and care. Clancey and I have moved up to Tampa from Boca (this April) and we truly miss you both. What you both do for your community is so much more than provide healthy food and advice to loving pet owners. You truly helped educate both me and Clancey on pet nutrition and both Ranger (corgi/shepard/rottim mix)and Franchesca(turkish angora mix) are examples of how important nutrition is for animals.


You were very instrumental in prolonging Francesca's life. When she was first diagnosed with CRF, I really struggled with doing the vet recommended fluid therapy. And while the doctors said adding more water to her diet is not the same as sub Q, I wanted to believe there was a better way to keep her hydrated. Barbara you recommended Weruva-such a great food. It's high quality protein that is low in phosphorus and sodium which is so important. I began feeding her that with added water (even though it's already very moist).

Freancesca was never really a big water drinker so I wanted to maximize her fluid intake. That along with some really good supplements  (Rehmannia 8-Khan Herbs, Telomerase-Reneuve, FloraZyme LP, Pets friend, Renal SUpport-Standard Process) gave her 7 years with virtually no escalation in blood work values and a healthy happy life. She passed away last November at the age of 18, but while I miss her still I am so grateful for the many additional years that she lived with virtually no symptoms. Even the vets had to admit she was indeed a miracle kitty:)


Ranger is now 6 years old , he is still doing great on the NOW kibble which we suppplement with cooked food in virgin coconut oil. He prefers the large breed even though he is only 48 pounds. Everyone that sees him always comments on his coat and lack of odor, even the vet didn't understand how he didn't smell like "dog" Lol! 


Natash Labos

Ranger and Fran


Hi! Barbara! This is Jessica and my cat's name is Summer. I have lots of good news to share with you .If you recall, I purchased the treats that helped her with her anxiety during the move. They have helped her tremendously! I actually stopped giving them to her 2 days after we arrived and she ended up not eating at all! I was on the internet researching the problem and found out thatshe was out of sorts missing her old territory back home. Anyways, I started giving her the calmong treats again and she is back to normal. In fact, I think she is eating even more which is great because she was a little boney. Anyways,if it wasn't for your advice and help these last couple of monthe, I am not sure where my Summer would be today. Thank you for everything.

Attached is a picture of her to add to your collection.



It was great meeting you the other day. I appreciate your help in finding the right nutriton for my kitties. Here is a couple of snaps so you can see them. The grey one is Jorge (she's the one who will eat anything m but has allergies and will throw it up). The black and white one is Foreman. (he's the picky eater. See below



Lisa Lohman-SpringstedAnd....your products Rock!!! This is why my boy Tommy has lived this long! Love you!!! Xoxo 


It was a pleasure speaking with you on Saturday! Missy loves everything you recommended! She certainly is a snack hound. 

It is amazing how quality food and the right shampoo the itching hasreduced already.

So glad I found you! I have attached a picture of Missy with one of her many elephants! She has several.



It was great meeting you last week.

Your store is amazing! This is my cat Persia who  by the way loves the food you recommended and my dog Sushi who is finicky when it comes to food.

All the best, Elaine 



It was great meeting you last week.

Your store is amazing! This is my cat Persia who  by the way loves the food you recommended and my dog Sushi who is finicky when it comes to food.

All the best, Elaine