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Praise and thanks to Barbara for starting us on the proper nutritional path. Lucky, my terrier, had bladder stone surgery more than one year ago and was put on urinary prescription diet. After a year of strict prescription-only diet, Lucky was full of more stone forming “sand” and in danger of serious medical issues. Out of options with the vet, they suggested maybe a nutritionist… Thankfully a friend recommended Barbara and her holistic Pet Cuisine. Barbara listened, and quickly said “Hydration hydration hydration…” We started Lucky on whole nutritious hydrating LOTUS canned food. Shortly after, Lucky and I returned to our NC home and I began with a Holistic Veterinarian there to ascertain if I was helping or hurting my Lucky. After the first examination and scans, the vet concurred that hydration was the key, the vet also highly approved the LOTUS food that Barbara had started us on, and added a cranberry and herbal supplement. Just 6 weeks later, the vet scan showed barely any remaining trace of any sand/stone forming issue at all!. I am super super thankful for Barbara getting us on the right track. And her initial information was confirmed through the holistic vet and the medical scans. Unbelievable how simple it was to get on the right path to health. I highly recommend Barbara and Holistic Pet Cuisine, it is our way of life now.

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