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Posted by barbara ratner on

K9Biotics is absolutely amazing!! My dog has been suffering from seasonal allergies and has difficulty with his digestive system at times and this supplement has greatly helped both. His skin rash and red belly from allergies went away in less than a week from this supplement and he has not experienced any more symptoms from seasonal allergies. We ran out of the supplement and went about a week without it and all of his allergy symptoms came back. We are happy to have him back on it and are grateful to have found a product that is clean and really helps him. We have noticed his energy has increased as well.


In love and gratitude,

Amy Beckler, LCSW, RYT-200


Merri S highly recommends the K9Biotics.

Our hound mix Jolene has had chronic skin conditions, welts on her stomach that she licks until they get infected requiring constant vet visits for antibiotics! Then mostly allergy injections were recommended UNTIL Barbara, the owner of the store recommended this supplement which is an antioxidant with super greens etc..as well as containing histamine and I'll be darned if her belly is completely cleared up-we have not had an issue in months! Thank you thank you thank you from both of us and Jolene

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