New! Primal Butcher Blend and Primal Farmer's mix raw additions to your cats and dogs diets.

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Let's build a better bowl for your dogs and cats together!

Primal Pet has created the all time favorite fun food!

If you want to boost your pet's immune system through real food then NOW is the time! Primal has come up with these raw toppers to be added to your dog's favorite bowl.
These amazing whole foods are available in a host of different proteins and ingredients to meet your everyday cat's and dog's needs.

If you are currently on a dry or canned diet then you can add any protein into their current diets. These toppers are considered supplemental diets that allow for your dogs and cats to not only have new amino acids "daily" in their diets BUT to provide them with the "moisture" they are not getting from their dry kibble. How would we function without moisture from our foods in our bodies??
They are no different they need MOISTURE!

Truth be told, dogs and cats are not supplied with different amino acids on a daily basis and NOW these toppers will allow for you to switch up their diets without all that mess from canned food.

Now...all you do is scoop and serve their toppers right into their dry food diets and the best thing it is so reasonable!!

Come in and check it our or place an order for a delivery.

Toppers come in two types--as a protein only topper and as a topper mixed with fruits and veggies.

Available formulas:
Sardineprimal pet foods market blends for cats and dogs

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