Moisture is the key to a hydrated and healthy dog and cat!

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We carry a full line of moisture rich canned dog and cat food. A brand we think very highly of and recommend as a full diet is the brand Lotus Pet Foods.

First let's talk about dog food. Lotus makes a delicious and complete diet for all life stages. It is available in two size cans 5.3 oz  and 12.5 oz. Lotus pet foods makes many different proteins and types of canned food. It is available in loaf and a just juicy formula packed with moisture.

Lotus in made in the  USA!


  • Cooked in small batches in our micro cannery in California

  • Made with USDA inspected and passed for human consumption chicken breasts and thighs

  • Made with non GMO fruits and vegetables for antioxidants

  • Dogs love the homemade taste of our stews because our gravy is made from chicken breast and thigh broth

  • High moisture, high meat recipe for optimal health

  • Single animal based protein recipes chicken breast and thighs

  • All life stage recipe

 Is your dog on a limited diet such as rabbit? Well Lotus makes a delicious rabbit pate and an amazing venison just juicy stew. 

Is your dog on a renal diet? Lotus makes green tripe in a can just for your renal dogs.


View our website and try a can...we sell by the can!

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