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Allergies are so common in Dogs and Cats ! Your vet can suggest  eliminating certain foods from your pet's diet but what happens when there is no reason for your pets red itchy and scratchy skin?
Most pet parents come in with their allergy reports and the only thing their dogs are allergic to is the outdoors, dust mites or pollen!
You can’t confine your dog to a room and not let them get outside- that would be impossible!
If this sounds familiar, there is something  that is safe and will effectively relieve your dog of his symptoms. Relieve the Itch with Nature’s Benadryl: Quercetin


Quercetin is a flavonoid that has anti-oxidant, anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties. When your dog has an allergic reaction, his body releases histamines to try and rid the body of the allergen and this is what causes red, itchy skin, watery eyes etc. 

K9Biotics provide Quercetin that works well for allergic symptoms because it turns of histamine production and also reduces inflammation.

Why use Benedryl when our product will work the same without the sleepy effects? 

Quercetin helps to inhibit cellular activity responsible for inflammation which mean itching is reduced. It can also help with asthma related allergies. 

Quercitin is a natural flavonoid that is found in the skin of certain fruits and veggies.

Bromelain and Quercetin combined together as in our Greens supplement will inhibit the compound that is responsible for pain and inflammation. These two substances work together like a powerhouse, removing the body of histamines and relieving your pet of those annoying allergy symptoms!

 Since our environment is filled with more and more toxins and our dogs are extremely sensitive to these toxins we need to reduce their inflammation which is stored in our dogs cells and stay there for their entire life. Quercitin will provide relief! Our testimonials prove that!

To sum it up , K9Biotics provides your dogs with not only Quercitin (which will remove the histamine from your  dog's liver and their systems which  will then work to reduce the red and scaly skin that you are seeing on your dogs bodies. 



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