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Holistic Pet Health is an overall body concept. Holistic Pet Health is linked to a strong and healthy immune system. Holistic Pet Cuisine has been in the all natural and holistic pet food business for over 10 years. We have helped animals live a healthy and holistic lifestyle through natural pet food and supplements. We take great pride in the products we bring to your pets’ mealtime pleasures.

Holistic Pet Cuisine knows the perfect way to keep your pets healthy from    A TO Z!  It’s a circle of health for us. It’s just that simple! It’s wholesome and organic foods. 

What does this mean? This means feeding your pets a high quality super premium raw, dry or canned food. But that's not where you stop... that just isn’t enough. Wellness starts from within.

The proper nutrition and our Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens will help dogs with stand parasites, viruses, bacteria and the environment we live in. We believe that the holistic approach will change your pet's blueprint and start your pet on a healthy journey. The term “holistic medicine” comes from the approach that seeks to find the underlying factor which is responsible for affecting the system as a whole, not just the symptoms. 

We recommend adding our new product Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens to your dog’s diet to keep your pet healthy and to help your pet live a long and strong life. If you have questions about food, arthritis, skin conditions, allergies, tear stains, overall health or anything for your pets well being, we will teach you how to get on the right path for your dog or cat. We have seen that nutrition is the key to a strong and healthy animal. 



 "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food "

"After losing an animal to the pet food recall in 2007, I did not want anyone with a cat or dog to go through what I went through with my own animal. I opened Holistic Pet Cuisine Market to ensure that your pet will live a healthy and a happy life."


I am writing to let everyone know what an incredible product holistic pet cuisine Greens are! My little 7 pound Chihuahua had an infected ulcer in her eye filled with bacteria. She was on five different antibiotics and drops at the same time. The vets at Penn Hospital were concerned whether or not she has a sensitive stomach because everything might give her loose stools, then some of the medications would have to be discontinued. I was worried as well because she has an extremely sensitive stomach. I called Barbara at holistic pet cuisine to ask her what she recommends and she recommended her product Greens I started giving it to Isabella twice a day Its been two weeks and she has been able to continue all her medicines and not one incident of loose stools. This product really has helped her stomach and the medications have helped her heal I'm going to continue using Greens forever! I can't thank Barbara enough!




Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the Holistic Greens, we stopped 10 days ago seeking for some advice for Hogan which had a pretty strong breath and was licking the floor.
I am very happy to let you know that within a week all symptoms were gone.
Very happy with product and recommending to friends.

Best regards,

Juan & CatherineDear Barbara

We have been a customer of yours for many years.  Our newest family member, Jewel, a Bichon/Shih tzu mix,  had constant drainage from her right eye which was very unsightly and always moist. Unfortunately,  we never took pictures with the drainage to show before and after . We were told by our vet and others  that there was nothing that would help. When you told us about the GREENS, we were skeptical.  After 7-10 days, we started to see improvement.  Now, she has beautiful  clear eyes as you can see by the picture. 
Thanks for all your help 
Sandy and Frieda,  and of course,  Jewel 



Dear Barbara,

     Just wanted to thank you for recommending your super greens for my Boxer Madden. She has part of her intestines removed due to eating toothpicks!!

Since she has been on the raw diet and your added BOOST OF GREENS she is a new dog!

I was out of the Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens for two days and she started to decline. I will make sure I don't run out again.

Thank you,

Rachel G 

Boca Raton, Fl


The results are in!

The photo below shows just how effective the Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens is...Our client sent us this photo after 7 days of being on our product. I am so ecstatic with the results!!

If your dog has any skin problems, biting at the paws, digestive issues, fighting cancer:( or you just need to boost their immune systems from the poisons in the grasses then you should start adding it into their food.The results will be amazing.
It is delicious and your dogs will thank you too!!

‎Shreya Shartrand‎ to Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens

This product has been amazing for my 4 large breed dogs. My Doberman tends to suffer from seasonal allergies and this helped her tremendously. I have noticed a huge difference in their coats, their stool, and overall health. My dogs love it too. This will be a staple in my dog supplement cabinet. 

Gracie laps it up all the way to New York! Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens is making dogs happier an healthier! Thank you guys! 

Lynette New York!



My senior Chihuahua dogs are acting like little pups on the Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens Thank you.

Tracy R

Boca Raton, Fl


Stella came to us over a year ago before our new pet supplement was even out in the stores. She struggled with those nasty tear stains and nothing worked.Her story is a testimonial to how effective our new Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens is working for dogs with those nasty tear stains. Stella changed her diet, started using our new pet supplement and look at how beautiful and clear she looks in these pictures.
The images below show the dripping stains before and "voila" a beautiful Stella with no ugly red stains.

Many of our pet parents ask us "can we use this even if my dog does not currently have any issues?" and we respond with the following....why wait for a dog to come down with something to then respond with medicines.Support your dog's immune system early on and give them an opportunity to be strong and healthy their entire whole life. Vaccines, monthly flea and heart worm preventatives can suppress the immune system. make them strong so that they can withstand anything that comes their way.
Why spend money on many different pet products when you can have a pet product that will cover so many of the issues that are so common in our dogs. Proof is in the results.


I have been using HPC Greens in my 3 dog's food for the past several months and have definitely noticed improvement in their energy levels. My older dog seems more alert and active. They all enjoy the taste and look forward to their next serving.
Darlene Bento
Delray Beach


Barney is my 12-year old yellow Labrador Retriever. He has been doing quite well on a quality diet.  The addition of the greens supplement is providing my senior dog with a foundation of very beneficial ingredients to enhance and better booster his immune system in the aging process. I have noticed a difference in his skin and coat and most noticeably in his increased vitality. He has less itching, no excessive licking, better digestion and an overall rejuvenated healthy glow. I think there are numerous benefits to this product, all of which I have yet to observe!
Thanks for recommending!
Iris Schoenbrum and Barney

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