Tear Stains GONE! For My Maltese!

Posted by barbara ratner on

Recently, we started our Maltese on your wonder new product, Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens. Finally, there is a holistic , broad spectrum product for our pets that focuses on antioxidant protection, allergy control and optimum GI function to name a few.

We have noticed some major changes with our little guy.

(1) He is much more active and has a spring in his step at 9 years old.

(2) His fur is fuller and has a silky like quality now

(3) The skin on his belly is so soft now

(4) His eyes are not watering like they used and this is a big change with his allergies

(5) His stools have also improved all around with just about perfect formation

I highly recommemd this product and I can tell you that my little guy is thankful now!


Boca Raton  ,

March 2017

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