Does your dog have inflammation in any part of their bodies? K9Biotics will reduce inflammation.

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If you are feeding your dogs a dry food diet that is filled with carbs then you are causing their immune systems to become imbalanced and to over react. Carbs equal sugar. Yeast needs sugar as an energy source. Cancer needs sugar as a fuel source and sugar is a direct cause of Type 2 diabetes. If your dog is not on a grain free diet then now is the time to start them off on the right paw. Our product Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens supplement is a great addition to a simple dry food diet. It is low in fat, low in carbs as well as fortified with probiotics and enzymes and 40+ ingredients.


An imbalanced system causes inflammation throughout the entire system!

Does your dog have any ----ITIS'?

All of the " inflammation" that is found in your pets as in



colitis-digestive tract

can be prevented with the proper diets and supplements.

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